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Our Commitments

We made several commitments to guarantee the end user the best possible quality and greater satisfaction. For this, the formulation and manufacturing of our nutritional supplements obey rules of strict quality while incorporating the principles of Nutritherapy. The choice of raw materials is also essential. Thus, we implemented AB organic labeling on our range of Phytotherapy which is made with fresh plants from the French organic farming.

Efficacy through Synergy

The Formulation of our food supplements based on complementarity of the constituents. For example: Natural Vitamin E and Vitamin C or Flavonoids between them.

Complying with Biocompatibility

The way we formulate our food supplements avoids harmful combinations of nutrients that are not compatible with each other in a single tablet or capsule. For example: Vitamin C and Iron, Vitamin C and Copper, Iron, Copper and Manganese: in combination, they are pro-oxidants and produce free radicals.

Complying with Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the ability of the body to absorb micronutrients. Bioavailability needs to be optimised through the choice of micronutrients (for example, natural vitamin E is eight times better utilized by the body than synthetic vitamin E) or through the choice of a carrier or catalyst, to improve absorption of a nutrient by the body: for example, magnesium glycerophosphate is better absorbed than magnesium carbonate.

Nutritional Doses

The taking of our dietary supplements is free from side effects or metabolic disturbances, even in the case of prolonged use.

Top Quality Raw Materials

Capsules from marine origins, gluten free.
No milk protein, no GMOs.
Fish oils high in EPA and DHA, devoid of heavy metals, EPAX quality standard.
Highest quality vegetable oil (evening primrose oil and linseed oil), without oxidation or pesticides, Silver standard quality.

Scientific Committee

The majority of our food supplements are formulated by a scientific committee made up of doctors specialised in nutrition therapy and are based on published and validated scientific studies. Indeed, knowledge of nutrition therapy and herbal medicine evolve regularly. Such a mechanism allows to propose innovative products, putting quality at the forefront of our approach.

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