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Our History

A pioneer in the health food supplement market in France, the Synergia Laboratory is a nutritional medicine laboratory which offers a range of more than 100 dietary supplements and customized programs & packages. Being aware of the importance of a good quality diet, and where necessary food supplements, for long-term health, the Synergia Laboratory have continued to make the public and health professionals conscious of the role of nutrition therapy in health and well-being.

A Promising Start

Creation of the Synergia Laboratory in 1986, with its first nutritional supplements including D-Stress®, one of our customers’ favorite products, but also Régéderm, Bi-Ostéo®, Visentiel, Gynea and Anti-Oxidant 200. Since its creation, the Synergia Laboratory had been distributing its dietary supplements in pharmacies, benefiting from the plebiscite of doctors and health professionals.

On the Path To Phytotherapy

In 2009, the Synergia Laboratory acquired the exclusive manufacturing patent SIPF® (Suspensions Intégrales de Plantes Fraîches i.e Whole Fresh Plant Suspensions). This process respects and restores the entire biochemical plant (the totum) and allows the plant molecules to act more faster and more efficiently than other dosage available in herbal medicine. Synergia then offers a range of 16 herbal supplements and herbal mixtures, to suit specific needs.

In 2011, the SIPF® process is certified by Ecocert AB and is part of a sustainable approach because all the plants selected for the production of our liquid dietary supplements are cultivated in Ardèche (south of France) from the French organic farming and harvested by hand. The same year, Dr. Jacques Labescat, herbalist doctor and osteopath, author of a dozen books on natural health and phytotherapy, publishes "Les Plantes", a book to facilitate the use of SIPF®, alone or combined with essential oils.

Growth Through Innovation 

  • 2012 : Market launch of Chewable Maxi-Flore® and D-Stress® Booster, the concentrated version of D-Stress®.
  • 2014 : Market launch of MC2, to support intense, prolonged intellectual activity, also available in combination with D-Stress in a specific course Memory Concentration.
  • 2015 : Market launch of Glutaform®, aimed at helping digestive comfort and intestinal immunity, also recommended in combination with Maxi-flore® Orodispersible in specific courses such as Digestive Comfort Initial. Flex-Tonic® gets a new packaging and is now available in 45-tablet boxes.
  • 2016 : Market launch of Baby-Flore® Sachets, a new galenic in powder form and a more practical presentation in individual sachets.


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